Josh Cantwell’s SIMS 2.0 Bonus

by admin on July 12, 2010

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 Here’s a look at your special bonus packages From Josh Cantwell:

When You Invest In SIMS 2.0
As A Special Bonus You Will Receive…

Bonus #1: SREC AUTOMATOR (a $997 value)

The creator of SREC AUTOMATOR is John Cochran, a student of both SIMS 1.0 and SREC. He’s found a way to merge both systems and remove himself from his short sale investing business to effortlessly automate or outsource up to 95% of the daily tasks involved in running your business.

In fact, in one year’s time John went from working 80 hour weeks, closing 1 deal a month, to working just 3 to 5 hours a week closing 5 deals a month with a 100 deals in his pipeline! 

John literally video recorded himself doing every step of the in’s and out’s of real estate investing. Over 200 videos you can hand off to someone on your team or give to a virtual assistant to watch and get up to speed instantly. With SREC Automator you can have an army of highly trained short sale ninja’s working on getting you more deals and making you more money, while you have more freedom.

There are videos for staff members, VA’s, Realtors, home buyers, or home sellers. It removes you from the process of doing deals, but lets you close more while working much less.

This system is pure genius, heck, I wish I thought of it.

We plan in releasing this as a standalone product sometime in the future for at least $997. But it’s yours FREE when you invest in SIMS 2.0 through our special affiliate link!

Bonus #2: Automator Implementation Call (a $197 value)

On this call John will walk you through the inside out’s your new SREC Automator system. Consider this a quick start 101 with the creator himself. After this 1 hour call you’ll be up to speed in no time, and ready to free yourself from your investing business just like John did.

Bonus #3: Instant Deal Generation with Mega Media Marketing (A $497 value)

You’ll gain access to one of my newest products to hit the market… Mega Media Marketing.

With MMM you’ll gain “Franchise-like” mass exposure, build your brand, and become a mini-celebrity in your market. When you apply what I show you in Mega Media Marketing, you’ll crush your competition. Everything you need is there including training videos, the vendors I use, scripts and resources.

Bonus #4: Millionaire Academy – December 3, 4, and 5 in Naples, FL. (A $1,997 value)

You’ll get two tickets for my next event, Millionaire Academy, I’m holding in sunny Florida. Here you’ll learn how to implement and close more deals, get the latest tools of the trade, network with successful investors, stay current with the latest laws, and meet me and America’s top short sale lawyer live and in person.

This is my flagship event and you’re not going to want to miss out on what we have in store for you!

Bonus #5: Get Up And Go (A $797 value)

This is an amazing program to help you find your unique ability and what drives you. Find your passion and love the work you do. In Get Up and Go you’ll find 23 self development concepts to help you use focus on the highest and best use of every minute of your working day.

The SIMS 2.0 Standard Edition Bonus Package Is a Total Value of $4,485, and it’s yours FREE when you invest in SIMS using the special link below…
And if you make the smart decision and choose the SIMS Marketing Partnership totally done for you option I have even more bonuses in store for you! (This is BY FAR the biggest BONUS package available for SMP!)

Not only will you get EVERYTHING above but you’ll also receive…

SMP Bonus #1: The Ultimate Short Sale System (A $1,495 value)

This is my flagship course with 6 modules that walk you through the short sales process, step-by-step.

You’ll get 6 modules…

  • Module 1: “Multiple Medium Marketing”
  • Module 2: “Referral Magnet Marketing”
  • Module 3: “Tools of the Trade”
  • Module 4: “S.S. Negotiating w/ Lenders & B.P.O.s”
  • Module 5: “Green Light Selling System & Funding”
  • Module 6:  “Cash Buyers, Closing, Cash Flow and Keepers”
  • PLUS My Forms: All Documents, Disclosures, Contracts
  • PLUS My System: Documented Step by Step Process

SMP Bonus #2: Sales Mastery for Short Sales (A $997 value)

In this course you’ll discover how to overcome any objection, and close more deals. You’ll get everything you need to become the number 1 go to guy in your area, covert more leads into appointments, and more appointments into deals.

SMP Bonus #3: Deals “Done For You” Apprentice Partnering (A $4,000 value)

Partner with my team to fund, negotiate, close and even sell your deal you bring to us…and we split the profits. This is the ultimate bonus for SIMS. You generate the leads, and find deals – we do the rest, and you make a “done for you” profit!

SMP Bonus #4: No Money Down Wholesaling Playbook (A $997 value)

In this course you’ll get hands down, the fastest way to make money in real estate. Be well on your way to making $6k in your first 16 days. You’ll get everything you need including resources, scripts, and even a list of hungry buyers ready to get their hands on your new house you need to sell.

SMP Bonus #5: Rehabbing Rebel Blueprint (A $497 value)

Discover how to profit from rehabbing homes following my step by step formula. Heck, you won’t even need to ever pick up a hammer.

SMP Bonus #6: Deal Lending Confidential (A $497 value)

Get this course and getting money to fund deals will never be a problem ever again. You can raise all the money you’ll ever need. It covers everything in detail, and you’ll even learn how to build a list of people who will be happy to finance all of your projects.

SMP Bonus #7: $1 Million Dollar Proof of Funds Letter (A $1,997 value)

You can use this letter to gain access to my money partners to get pre-approved for funds up to $1 million dollars! Never miss out on a deal again because of lack of money.

SMP Bonus #8: Million Dollar Rolodex (PRICELESS!)

Last but not least, you’ll get access to my million dollar rolodex that I’ve built over my last six years of active real estate investing. Get the contacts, relationships, vendors, and resources you need to take your business to the next level. Save time, energy and, money by going to the right people first!

All together my SMP marketing package, including EVERYTHING ABOVE is a real world value of $14,665.

You get my entire library of courses you can put to use in your own time to make a fortune in today’s real estate market.

Matched with SIMS and SIMS Marketing Partnership You Will Be Unstoppable!

To get either bonus package YOU MUST USE THE SPECIAL LINK BELOW.

I can honestly say I know Greg and the Realeflow team to be a credible company creating results for SIMS users. I’ve seen proof it works to generate leads with my own two eyes.

Now you can leverage the power of the Internet and my proven money getting systems together.

SIMS 2,0  Bonuses

REMEMBER: This offer is only good if you make your investment AFTER TUESDAY, July 13th at NOON Eastern. YOU MUST USE THIS LINK TO CLAIM ANY OF THE BONUSES ABOVE!

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