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by admin on August 30, 2010

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Kenny Rushing called me about 4 months ago and
asked if I would help him launch his “Bulk REO
Trader” product.  Just to be clear here, he didn’t
want me to just send some emails to my subscribers,
but rather he wanted me to help him outline the sales
and marketing process for the product.

I will say that I believe it will be the de facto standard
Bulk REO training system. ( I suspect that there will be
some copycat products in the short future but that could
be too late…)

As a result I got my hands on it long before anyone else

Here were my observations (first the positives):

1.  It is a near complete system for starting a BULK REO
business from scratch

2.  The ability to bring deals right to Kenny and his team
will really help the newer investor

3.  It’s the best Bulk REO training product I’ve seen to date
because it educates you on exactly how to approach the
business from both the lender and the investor side

4.  It’s just a simple (believe it or not) and excellent system

Learn about Kenny’s system tomorrow:

Register here for the 11 AM EST webinar on Tuesday

Register here for the 9 PM EST webinar on Tuesday

Now on to the negatives:

1.  A couple of the “resources” in his system are very
weak, like his National bank list.  I looked at Ohio
and it only had a few dozen lenders contact info.
When you do this business you need to know how
to contact every single lender in the country and get
them to send you their bulk packages

2.  It has a cash buyers component, but it only allows
you to pull down cash buyers in 2 counties NOT ALL

3.  I saw a HUGE weakness in the simple fact that it
would be very hard for the average guy to be taken
as credible in this market.  What I mean is that when
you’re dealing with these large Bulk packages you
have to be seen as legitimate and capable to close
a large deal whether you personally have the funds
or not.

4.  There’s no real ongoing automation that will help you
build a buyer’s list all over the country.  THIS IS VITAL.

So the solution that we’ve created is a companion system
that we’ve been developing for the last 4 months that works
hand in hand with Kenny’s system
.  It’s compromised of
multiple parts with each one perfectly designed to advance
the speed and results of Kenny’s system
.  I even have a
couple of things that are 100% essential to your success.

Again what I mean by that is I don’t know how you would
run this business without them

A good example is having buyers lined up all over the
country.  One of my companion packs is called the
Advanced Intel Package” and it has a National list of
over 240,000 cash buyers all over the United States.
Because in most of these large bulk packages you are
dealing with properties all over the country, I don’t know
how you could be successful without this national database.

That’s just one example of over 14 things in our Bulk
REO Trader Companion System
.  I’m recording a video
right now that you can watch that will outline all 14 things
you get in our Companion System but it’s safe to say that
you will only get it by contacting our office or making sure
to buy through our link tomorrow

I’ll be explaining my companion system

tomorrow and how it works with

Kenny’s Bulk REO Trader offering.

Check it out here

Register here for the 11 AM EST webinar on Tuesday

Register here for the 9 PM EST webinar on Tuesday

The colossal mistake that you could make tonight is to
buy Kenny’s system on the call tonight.  DON’T do it.
I’ll make sure you can watch my video before Kenny’s
big unveiling tonight

I’m going to go record a video and outline for you all
14 parts of my system right now.

Talk Soon,


P.S.  Just one of my 14 parts is worth more than EVERY
other supposed “bonus” package you’ll see from anyone
else.  A nationwide list of cash buyers (over 240,000 of
them) is worth more than anything else by itself.

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WIN September 1, 2010 at 5:01 pm



admin September 1, 2010 at 7:31 pm

I “think” what they said was that they would take 50% off of what the price of the Platinum Level USED to be.

It is now $1,497

If you go here:

And they CONFIRM you made the payment through That link I will
also include Instant Access to my Fire Your Boss in 90 Days or Less Training Series – a $995 Value



Crystal Presence September 3, 2010 at 3:23 pm

Is there a number where I can reach you?


admin September 3, 2010 at 3:41 pm

tried to email you – didn’t seem to work


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